New and rapidly developing branch of law, which, thanks to the great boom in the technology, particularly in the communication technologies and Internet-based virtual environment, gradually gains its own importance and plays a significant role in the life and in functioning of legal and physical entities and entrepreneurs as well regular consumers and it is vital for flawless performance of tasks by public authorities. We provide comprehensive support to major entrepreneurs and to public administration bodies in course of building information systems, including the preparation of necessary contract documents. However, we have broader experience with a number of minor subjects and individuals based on the cooperation during IT implementation process into their business or legal help on copyrights issues and in the context of ICT, domain related disputes or other issues arising out of personality rights protection. We offer the following services within IT and ICT portfolio:

  • Legal support in the process of building ICT in public service and commercial corporations sector, particularly in in the operation and development of critical infrastructure of the country;
  • Preparation of complete contract documentation for ICT, including software development, maintenance and service agreements
  • Protection of SW related rights; copyrights and licenses in the field of internet and communication technologies, legal solutions for SW programs and database protection;
  • Protection against unwarranted interference with public domains related rights, legal representation in public domain related disputes, protection against unfair competition in the internet environment;
  • Personality rights protection, privacy and personal data protection in the internet and communication technologies environment.