We provide legal services focused on the protection of the interests of our clients in the area of non-material property. In our legal practice we are particularly specialized in trademarks, however we are also experienced in other kinds of intellectual properties. Our legal services within this area particularly include:

  • registration and representation in proceedings at the appropriate authorities (in particular Industrial property, OHIM, WIPO) incl. objection proceedings and nullity (action) proceedings;
  • preparing contracts on intellectual property rights  (e.g. license contracts, franchise agreement);
  • legal representation in intellectual property lawsuits.

In the area of protection of personality rights we particularly deal with:

  • making claims of our clients to moral and material compensation unwarranted interference into personality rights;
  • applying the rights under the press laws;
  • defending our clients against  unwarranted false accusation on interference into personality rights;
  • legal consultancy with personal data processing.