We provide a wide range of legal support for our clients from public institutions in the area of administrative law that include: 

  • Representation in proceedings before administrative courts in the event of filing an administrative complaint against the client acting in public administration;
  • Preparation of statements in complex legal cases related to the exercise of public administration that falls under the client’s competence;
  • Consultancy in preparation of legislative proposals and materials of non-legislative nature to be discussed with appropriate public administration authorities.


To the clients coming into contact with public administration bodies, we provide comprehensive legal services not only in the event of existing disputes and difficulties, but also when dealing with routine agenda related to the exercise of public service. Our services particularly include:

  • representation in administrative proceedings, including preparation of particular procedural acts;
  • filing an administrative complaint due to unlawful exercise of public service of and representation in proceeding before administrative courts;
  • claiming damages due to an unlawful decision or maladministration;
  • Preparation of statements in complex legal cases regarding the relations with public administration authorities;
  • Consultancy in the area of energy law.