Commercial law is one of the crucial areas in which we provide support to our clients from the environment of entrepreneurs. Within this area we offer the following services:

  • Portfolio of Trading Companies: formation an administration of all kind of trading companies, dissolution, winding up termination of the company, registration procedures, consultancy in organizing and conducting (steering) meetings of bodies of all types of companies, e.g. stockholders meeting;
  • Transformation of companies (amalgamation, division, transfer of assets between partnerships, change of the legal form), purchase of the shares of minority shareholders or any other types of acquisitions, including the sale of a or its parts – analysis and proposals for solution, legal audit for acquisition process, working out of transformation project and transformation report, project management, implementation upon representation, obtaining licenses and permits;
  • Portfolio of Contracts: preparation of all types of commercial contracts under the Czech Law and international trade contracts/agreements, analysis and assessment of contracts;
  • Commercial-law disputes: legal consultancy and legal representation of clients in courts or in arbitration;
  • Debt collection and management: arranging the whole process (including negotiations with debtors, filling a lawsuit, legal representation of the client in courts, file a petition for execution and legal representation of the client in executory proceedings), either individually or in the event of portfolio containing a large number of debts (i.e. providing collective debt collection and management in cooperation with a selected executor’s office);
  • Trading with securities: transfers, loans, pledging, transfer of separately transferable rights, etc.


Further we handle a broad range of legal services in the area of insolvency law, to both, the creditors who need to apply for their claims and to the debtors who threaten bankruptcy. Within this area we provide our clients the following services:

  • continuous monitoring of the debtor situation, registering of debts and legal representation of creditors in insolvency proceedings;
  • consultancy to the debtors to resolve the threat of an insolvency, filing an insolvency petition and legal representation of debtors in insolvency proceedings;
  • legal representation of both, the plaintiff and the defendant in insolvency related litigations (authenticity disputes, the amount or order of registered receivables, disputes on exclusion of matters, rights, receivables or other active debts from the assets, disputes related to legal actions for nullity and ineffectiveness of the debtor’s legal acts, damage compensation disputes, late filing of an insolvency petition).