We offer a variety of Financial Arrangements for legal services and the clients can choose the most suitable payment option.

The most common method we offer is the hourly rates, the amount of which depends particularly on the degree of complexity of the legal service we provide and on the workload required to complete the task. To the clients who utilize or desire to utilize our services on regular basis, we offer an option of flat fees based on discount rates.

Upon the client’s request we can also offer piece rate pay the amount of depends on the number of hours worked or a contingent fees representing a certain percentage of the recovery in the client’s case.

Further we offer a designated fees of the attorney upon the attorney rates, i.e. pursuant to Decree Ministry of Justice No. 177/1996 Coll. This payment method is also applied if unless otherwise method is agreed.

Upon the client’s request we can prepare a quotation stating estimated total costs for legal services. In more complex cases or if cash expenses are expected, we usually require to make deposit on legal services.

After providing services the client shall receive a detailed worksheet so that he can check whether the fees are correct.

We are V.A.T. payer and thus the legal V.A.T. will be applied to all kind of payment.

Besides the above mentioned fees, some additional costs (retainer) you might be liable to pay for legal services that the attorney is entitled to reimbursement. Such as travel costs, charges paid for the client, evidence related costs or other cash expenses. Upon the agreement with a client he can include all these costs into the agreed fee.


Alternative Consumers Dispute Resolution

The Ministry of Industry and Trade, pursuant to the Consumers Protection Act, No. 634/1992 Coll., on 5 February 2016, authorized the Czech Bar, to resolve consumer disputes arising out of the contract on legal services made by and between the attorney and the consumer, through out-of-court settlement. The web site of the authorized subject is www.cak.cz.