We handle a broad range of legal advice in criminal law not only to the persons suspected of committing a crime and the persons accused and charged but also to injured (aggrieved) persons and the victims of crime. Our services particularly include:

  • Defense of the accused person in the criminal proceedings, written petitions to the law enforcement bodies in the criminal proceedings, direct presence in particular acts within criminal proceedings;
  • comprehensive consultancy in conjunction with criminal responsibilities of legal entities;
  • expert opinions and review of complicated legal cases with respect to the criminal law, consultation of contractual obligations regarding criminal law aspects;
  • consultancy in filing criminal accusation and their preparation;
  • legal representation of the injured party in criminal proceedings, including the preparation of particular procedures;
  • claiming for compensation damages caused by maladministration or illegal decision raised against the Government;
  • legal representation in the proceedings at the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic and European Court for Human Rights, Strasbourg.