Within the contractual agenda we place particular focus on capturing and eliminating all potential legal risks to our clients that may arise out of the given transaction. We provide the following services:

  • legal audit of the existing contractual documentation;
  • consultation prior concluding the contract to customize the contractual relationship to meet the clients interest;
  • drafts, preparing and modification of all kinds of contracts;
  • representation during negotiations of contractual terms with the other party;
  • securing the obligations by means of securing instruments such as penalty, guarantees, pledges or bills of exchange; 
  • assistance to secure the fulfilment of obligations of the contractual parties.


In the area of settling disputes we offer a full service practice in all kinds of disputes, either on the party of the plaintiff or on the side of defendant. We particularly provide the services as below:

  • legal analysis of the case in the initial stage (phase) of settling dispute to find the most favorable solution;
  • assistance with amicable settlement of disputes, representation of the clients in negotiation   with the other party, working out of settlement agreement and reconciliation draft;
  • representation in courts as well in arbitral proceedings including preparation of trial strategies;
  • representation in the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic and European Court for Human Rights, Strasbourg.


In the area of the civil law we are focused on legal branches forming this law. Apart from the areas described in the bookmarks of our expertise, we also offer legal services e.g. in the area of family law (modifications of property relations between the couples, divorces, settlement of community property, relations between the parents and children, parental responsibility, maintenance obligation towards minor and adult children, alimony disputes, child custody disputes or succession rights: (representation inheritance proceedings, consultancy in mortis causa).